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Royal Assassin

Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb Like the first, it is interesting at the beginning and end, but weak in the middle. The problem this time around is that the middle is sooooo much longer.

Hobb always seems to breeze over the interesting plot points, yet dwell laboriously on the emotional points. I cannot understand why she feels she cN do this. That said, I feel this chapter was less predictable, but Fitz remains a moron despite growing up. I already own the third book, so I will read it at sometime I am sure. But since it is even longer than this one, and knowing Hobb's passion for flabby middles, I almost dread it. I've heard the 3rd hook redeems the trilogy, so I still have hope. However, I will need to take a long break. In fact, I took a break in the middle of this book and read 1984!