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Brave New World

Brave New World - Aldous Huxley, Michael York I have never read this book, but was aware of it as a classic of science fiction and of English literature. It is an amazing work, especially considering the context (1932!). My previous education in political theory, philosophy and interwar history made me appreciate BNW on many different levels. I would have loved to study this book in a classroom environment. I feel like there is so much more in there. Thus, I am off to look for reviews and analyses to help me process the book.

A word about how I read this. I started with the audio version as narrated by Michael York. First of all, what a pick for a narrator! I mean, Logan's Run! And he does a brilliant performance. Unfortunately, I think the structure of sections in the book do not lend themselves to the audio format. So I got the eBook to read as well. I bounced between both.